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    The completed registration process (ONLINE), any additional forms (medical),  first month tuition and $10 registration fee must all be submitted in order to start our programs.
    Registration Drop off hours are 7:00AM-3:00PM at the CommEd Building (170 Dalton Road)
    star Extended Day 2016/2017 Available Now -
    Click here for  Online Registration.
      ('As Needed' schedules cannot be completed online - please contact the Community Education Office)

     **A minimum of 3 FULL BUSINESS DAYS is required to start our programs**

    At the time of registration, you will be required to pay the $10 registration fee. The Community Education office will invoice for the first month of tuition by August 25th. Payments are due by September 1st (our usual procedure of payments due by the first of the month). 

    Families that have completed the online process by August 21st will be in our system to start the week of September 7th. As long as parents have provided any additional paperwork that may be required (medical, allergy forms) and made a payment by September 1st – your child will be all set to go on the first day of school!


    Extended Day 2016/2017: To start the week of September 7th,  the online registration process,  (and any additional paperwork, if needed) must be received in the CommEd Office by August 21st .


    Enrollments between August 22- September 7 will not be eligible to attend until September 12, 2016. After that, a 3 full business day processing policy is in effect.

    Kindergarten/Childcare (KCC) 2016/17 - Actively enrolling now.
     The Kindergarten/Childcare REGISTRATION PACKETS include the registration form, Emergency Contact/Medical Information (two-sided) form,  PLUS the following forms (if applicable). Registration Packet must be completed at least 3 FULL business days before start date. (the date of submission does NOT count as 1 of the 3 full business days): Payment is also required to complete the registration process.


    • Snack Form (only required if your child has food allergies) - NOTE:  to be turned in to CommEd by August 18th to start the first week of school. After that time they are due with the rest of the registration packet.
    • Medication Order Form (required for children with prescriptions only), signed by doctor and parent.

    • Birth Certificate (only for children under 5 and not enrolled in Kindergarten)



    Our Extended Day Childcare Programs offer a valuable service to working parents. Our qualified staff provides a safe and harmonious environment in which children make age appropriate choices that lead to sound social, emotional and physical development.

    Elementary and Middle School Extended Day Childcare programs are offered mornings (as early as 7:00 AM), and afternoons (until as late as 6:00 PM) located at Byam, Center, Harrington, South Row and the CommEd Center. Parker offers afternoon coverage only.

    Important note for your planning purposes:  There is a delay of three business days after we have received all required paperwork before your child can attend our Childcare Programs.  This does include the day we receive the paperwork.

    Extended Day Phone Numbers:
    978-251-5144 x6445 - Byam
    978-251-0933 - Center
    978-251-5151 x6102 - CommEd Center
    978-251-5166 x6154 - Harrington
    978-251-5177 x6746 - South Row
    978-251-5133 x6679 - Parker


    The combined Kindergarten Childcare (K/CC) Program offers kindergarten children a full school day by supplementing a half day childcare session with the public kindergarten half day. The program is only available on a five-day per week basis. The K/CC Program is offered at the Chelmsford Community Education Center at 170 Dalton Road. Transportation is provided between the elementary schools in town and the CommEd Center.


    A further service we provide is February and April vacation school coverage from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the Community Education Center. The cost is $49 per day. Vacation coverage is only for students currently enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 6.

    SUMMERFEST (Visit our 'Summerfest' page for more details)

    The fun continues over the summer in our Summerfest Program! With weekly themes carefully designed by our professional staff, we guarantee a wide variety of experiences for school aged children.


    The Lion’s Den Preschool offers a warm, safe and secure learning environment for your child. We are located in a very large, double classroom on the lower level of Chelmsford High School. In this space, we have a block corner, a housekeeping area, game tables, science table, a climber, a clay table, a water table, an easel, computers, and an arts and crafts area. For the first portion of the day, the children are free to choose any activities that interest them. Movement from one activity to another is regulated by the child. In addition, we have daily music and story/language blocks. We also have an outdoor play area that is utilized every day, winter included—weather permitting. An integral part of our program is the association with the Family and Consumer Science Department at Chelmsford High School. Through the Exploring Early Childhood class, we obtain the services of student aides. These highly motivated students gain hands-on experience in the preschool field while providing our staff with valuable assistance and favorably impacting our teacher/student ratio. A bonus for your child is the natural youthful exuberance teens provide. Call 978-251-5111978-251-5111, x5660 to schedule a tour.

    Chelmsford Integrated Preschool (CHIPs) is an integrated preschool that includes both children with specific special needs and children who have no identified needs. Inclusive education provides meaningful education to developing young children. CHIPs is a program of Chelmsford Public Schools through a partnership of Special Education and Chelmsford Community Education. Contact Amy Matson at 978-251-5188978-251-5188, x6062 or


    The Lion’s Pride Program is designed to offer the standard “preschool curriculum” that children benefit from while offering extended hours for the convenience of parents. Our certified teachers come to our program with years of experience allowing them to offer a hands on, theme based curriculum with ease.

    Our program offers care for children ranging from 18 months until the child enters Kindergarten. We are a small program that offers a comfortable family style feeling, while maintaining the standards and security of a school setting. We blend school with childcare. The children are split into two classrooms to allow for specialized curriculum time that is age appropriate, but meet for meals and free play to have a wider range of social interactions. Our days are packed with exciting activities and experiences which allow the children to grow and develop at their own pace. We view each child as a whole and work with them individually to enhance their social and cognitive skills through play! The children in our room have access to our block area, dramatic play center, math and science area, table toy area, writing table, art center, sensory table and much more.

    Lion’s Pride follows the Public School calendar. Our hours of operation are 7:00 AM until 5:00 PM. Hot lunch and snacks are included. For more information please call 978-251-5151978-251-5151 to set up a tour!


    We offer full childcare services on Early Release days and the full Professional Day. The Early Release days are included in your monthly fee if they fall on your regularly scheduled day, otherwise the charge for the afternoon is $49. The full Professional Day is available at a cost of $49 for the day. * Advanced registration(3 full business days) is required if it is not your normally schedule day to attend.

    On these days, please be sure to send a lunch with your child.



     There are a limited number of "as needed" spaces available. The cost is $25 per morning and $37 per afternoon. A minimum 24 hours advance request is required.



    Monthly charges are based on the 180 school days and are broken down into ten equal payments (September to June) due on the first business day of the month for that month. We prepare and mail or email your next month's bill on the 21st to 23rd of each month. Automatic Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) are made on the first business day of each month for that month. Please contact us if you feel your bill is incorrect. Otherwise the full amount will be withdrawn as reflected on your emailed invoice. Forms for EFT can be found on our website. A $10 nonrefundable registration fee is required for each child in addition to tuition. Vacations and full professional days are not included in your regular monthly fee - there is an additional charge of $49 if you choose to send your child on those days.

    There is a Convenience Fee of 2.5%/transaction on credit/debit cards. There is a Convenience Fee of $2/transaction on ACH transactions. 

    Please be aware that if your payments become delinquent, we reserve the right to refer your account to a collection agency.


    It is presumed that your child is enrolled for the full academic year. You will receive an invoice by email at the end of each month. Tuition payments are due on the first business day of the month for that month.

    We do recognize that there may be an occasional need to adjust a student's monthly schedule. All changes (both increases and decreases) in your next month's schedule, must be received in writing to CommEd no later than the 20th of the previous month. After the 20th there will be no credit for unused days. We do realize that there can be emergency/unplanned situations requiring additional day(s). These will be added at the "as needed" cost. Because staff is hired based on anticipated attendance and we are not a drop-in program, no credit can be given for sick days. If you are planning a vacation for a week or more during regular school days, we will adjust that month's tuition if notification is received by the 20th of the preceding month.

    Please adhere to your morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up schedule. THERE IS A $10.00 PER CHILD FEE FOR EACH ADDITIONAL 15 MINUTES OR FRACTION THEREOF BEYOND YOUR SCHEDULED TIME. This fee will be added to your monthly statement.


    The early release days are included in the cost if they fall on your scheduled days of afternoon usage. If you need Early Release coverage on an unscheduled afternoon, the cost is $49 per afternoon.




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