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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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CHS Announcements

  • Chelmsford Takes Bronze at Women Of Science Scholarship Competition

    wps Saturday, December 13, three CHS seniors competed at Bedford High School for the 12th annual Women Of Science scholarship competition. The senior team from Chelmsford was Genesis Acosta, and Samruddhi Bhoyar, and Joanne Ferreira.

    There were four events during the day. 45 teams from the Northeast were participating. The events were:

    Anything Goes (a series of workstations covering various areas of science like Biology, 

    Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, and scientific process)

    Cyphers (students tried to solve cryptography problems and identify the hidden messages)

    Mystery Engineering (students were given a crude lever and three standard masses, then a bag of rice, four plastic cups, and a graduated cylinder and had to determine the exact mass of two objects.

    Attack The Wall (students constructed a device to launch projectiles -stress balls - at a wall structure with 10 figures. They needed to knock down as many figures as possible within 2 minutes from a distance of 5 meters)

    The Chelmsford team were in fourth place going into the last event, Attack The Wall. They did well enough to pass the team ahead of them a claim the bronze medal finish.

    The girls were awarded a Bronze medal, the book "Ada's Algorithm", and a $300.00 scholarship to help with college expenses.

    The book is about Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron's only daughter, and an early contributor to the development of the science that led to computers.
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  • CHS students have started a new community service project. We are organizing a dance and raising funds for The Jimmy Fund Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in the hope of helping to fund cancer treatment and research. Our theme is Bright Colors for Brighter Futures because we hope that our efforts will enhance the lives of many who are suffering. Any donation you can provide would be greatly appreciated. We hope to see all of our fellow Chelmsford High School students at the neon themed dance in March!  Thank you in advance for your generosity.
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  • Map for FLEX Day Drop-Off
    Click here for a map of the FLEX Day drop-off route.
    Map for Morning Drop-Off
    Click here for a map of the morning drop-off route.
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  • CHS Student Planner 2014 - 2015
    Click here for the CHS Student Planner 2014 - 2015.
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