Accountability Data

  • DESE District Report Cards

    Families and communities are critical partners to a district's success. Just as a student's report card shows how they are performing, the district report card shows how a district is performing in multiple areas. It shows the district's strengths and the challenges that need to be addressed to ensure the district is meeting the needs of all students.


    An accountability system brings together a set of measures in order to provide clear, actionable information about district and school performance. In Massachusetts, accountability results are calculated using information related to student performance on state tests, chronic absenteeism, high school completion, and advanced coursework completion.

    Progress Towards Improving Targets

    Massachusetts sets annual improvement targets for every district and school. Targets are set for achievement, growth, English learner progress, chronic absenteeism, high school completion, and advanced coursework completion. Districts and schools with a target percentage of 75% or higher are considered to be meeting targets.


    Overall Classification

    Massachusetts uses information related to progress toward improvement targets, accountability percentiles, graduation rates, and MCAS participation rates to determine each district and school's overall classification. Most districts and schools are placed into two categories: those that require assistance or intervention from the state, and those that do not require assistance or intervention. Districts and schools that are new or very small are classified as having "insufficient data."


    Overall Classification


District Report Card