Join Us for #askCPS

  • Join us for a tweet chat on professional development on Tuesday, November 18th at 4:30. The chat will last approximately 1 hour. See you there. #askCPS 

  • #askCPS is hosted by @dr_Hirsch

    How to Participate in a Tweet Chat

    Twitter chats happen when a group of people all tweet about the same topic using a specific tag (#) called a hashtag that allows it to be followed on Twitter. The chats are at a specific time and often repeat weekly or bi-weekly or are only at announced times. This post is to give you a quick overview on how to join a tweet chat. Our hashtag is #askCPS. 

    Step 1 - Sign up for a free Twitter account -

    Fill out your profile, add a picture and follow at least the leader of the Twitter chat you want to participate in. In this case, the leader is @dr_hirsch

    Step 2 - How to Participate

    • When someone organizes a tweet chat they choose a hashtag related to the event and a time to hold the chat. #askCPS
    • Often they will assign a moderator to welcome participants, ask questions and generally keep the conversation on track.
    • If there is a guest answering questions they may be posed by the moderator or the participants.
    • When you join the chat, spend a moment to scan the tweets around the tag. Who is talking? If there is a host or a featured guest what  questions have been posted? What is the theme of the chat?
    • Feel free to share tweets from within the chat with your network, perhaps by re-tweeting or with comments, but don’t forget to use the hashtag so people can follow along
    • Re-tweeting the posts of another user in the chat is a common way to support statements from other tweeters and share them with your own networks
    • If you ask a question or respond to someone in the chat, use the hashtag so everyone can be in on the conversation.
    • It’s acceptable to send a private tweet to someone if it is off the topic of the chat, but try to do it outside of the hashtag so it doesn’t end up in the archive of the chat
    • If you ask a guest to moderator a question, please stay on topic
    • It is not OK (in most cases) to use a tweet chat stream to market your own product or services. This isn’t about you
    • You might want to let people know you’ll be participating in a chat in advance. This is a nice way to support the host and let your network know you may be a bit noisy during that time.
    • All in all, Twitter chats can be a fun way to talk about a topic, meet some people interested in the same thing as you are, grow your own network and have some fun. Give them a try!
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