• Welcome to knitting!
    It is very exciting that so many students have shown an interest in learning to knit. I am very excited about this fun and creative club. When I decided to teach knitting, I had no idea that 40 students would join me! Because of the high number of students in our club, we will be doing different activities throughout the weeks as part of our lessons. Everyone will have an opportunity to learn to knit, but we will have to break up into groups.
    Last week, I asked everyone to bring size 11 needles, needle caps, and a size 5 bulky yarn (any color) If you do not have your supplies yet, do not worry. We will be have other activities.
    Here are a few rules for our knitting club.
    1. Please be respectful in the library.
    2. Never use the knitting needles for anything other than knitting.
    3. You are always welcome to come to knitting if you forgot to bring your supplies.

    Thank you,
    Mrs. Frenette
    Grade 8 Para
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