• The All Town Wind Ensemble rehearses from 6-8PM on Wednesday evenings in the McCarthy Band Room. 

     Google Classroom Code: sinktvl

    Director Emails: Lacassea@chelmsford.k12.ma.us and wrights@chelmsford.k12.ma.us

  • Your commitment to the ATWE is the key to its success. Music groups are the ultimate team activity. Every member is essential to a quality rehearsal and performance. Our members must meet a minimum of 85% attendance at rehearsals. Directors have the authority to ask a member to leave the group for this season if they do not meet attendance requirements.

      1. Please arrive promptly for a 6:00pm downbeat. The suggested arrival time is 5:45PM. Arrange for prompt transportation home at 8PM.
      2. Excused absences: medical issue, family emergency, absent from school due to illness. Unexcused absences are (but not limited to) sporting events, homework, jobs, private lessons, dance rehearsals/recitals, and transportation issues. If your absence is necessary, please email both directors as soon as you know.
      3. October Rehearsals: 3, 10, 17, 24, 29* (29 is the Halloween rehearsal- come in costume!)
      4. November Rehearsals: 7, 14, 19*, 28
      5. November Enrichment Trip to UMASS Amherst: November 29 - Leave Chelmsford at 11:30AM, arrive back at 10:40PM
      6. December Rehearsals: 5, 10*, 19**
      7. CONCERT I: Thursday, December 20, 7PM (call time 5PM), CHS PAC
      8. January Rehearsals: 9, 16, 23, 30
      9. February Rehearsals: 6, 13, 27
      10. March Rehearsals: 6, 13, 20, 27**
      11. MICCA PREVIEW CONCERT: Tuesday, April 2, 7PM (call time 6PM), CHS PAC
      12. April Rehearsals: 3, 10, 22*
      13. MICCA Competition: Sunday, April 7, Time/Location TBD
      14. May Rehearsals: 1, 8, 13* (note that the 13th is also our dress rehearsal!)
      15. CONCERT II: Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 7PM (call time 5PM), CHS PAC

    *denotes a Monday Rehearsal **denotes a Dress Rehearsal (no concert dress required)

    Dates are subject to change and will be communicated with as much notice as possible.

    Preparation is vital. You are expected to come to rehearsal prepared.

      1. Instrument (mallets/sticks for percussion), handouts being used, music in a 3-ring binder, pencil
      2. Information will be communicated to students via the ATWE google classroom. Code: sinktvl

    Come to rehearsal with a positive and collaborative attitude.

      1. Everyone has a different level of musical ability. Be tolerant and supportive of each other. Be a team player.
      2. Common sense, a positive attitude, and a willingness to work towards musical excellence are the traits that will ensure your personal success, as well as the success of the ensemble as a whole.
      3. Respect each other, chaperones, and directors. Respect the process of making music.
      4. Please refrain from leaving the rehearsal room until an appropriate break in the rehearsal.
      5. I understand that the Directors will contact a band member’s parents or guardians if there is an infringement on this contract or if any behavior problems arise. At the Directors’ discretion, a band member may be asked not to return to the ensemble if their behavior detracts from the productivity of the rehearsal.

    Concerts and competitions are mandatory for all members.

    Concert attire is what the professionals call “concert black”. Black dress shirt (sleeves past the elbow), black pants, black pants/skirt/dress (skirts MUST fall past the knee while sitting down), black socks/tights/leggings, black dress shoes

    Sign up NOW for Remind texts. Text @atwemember to 81010 to enroll. This is mandatory for all members. 

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