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    Welcome to the Center School Library!

    This year library classes will continue to meet remotely.  Each grade will be expected to visit my google classroom on your given day.  One class a week will be invited to a Google Meet with me!  I look forward to seeing you all throughout the year! 


    Here are the Google Classroom expectations:

    • Go to the Library Google Classroom once a week
    • You will either join me in a Google Meet or go to assignments in the Library Google Classroom
    • Listen to the lesson, complete the activity, leave me a private message and click "Turn in" or "Mark as done.
    • Questinos? Private message me through Google Classroom or have your caregiver email me 

    Here is the weekly schdule

    Monday - Grade 3
    Tuesday - Grade 2
    Wednesday - Grade 1
    Thursday - Grade K
    Friday - Grade 4



    See you there! 

    Google Classroom