Statue of Liberty

BEST Vacation Spot

  • Your task:  

    • Pick a vacation spot in the continental United States that would make a great vacation spot for you and your family to learn about U.S. history.  
    • Disney World or Universal Studios, etc. is NOT considered a historical place for this project.
    • Research the historical significance about some of the sites in your place.
    • Decide on at least 3 historical sites to see in your chosen location.  These could include museums, monuments, buildings, parks, etc.
    • Write up your information.
    • You have a choice of the genre:  Informative, Persuasive, Narrative
    • Note:  You cannot pick Massachusetts!

    Use the following sites to help you with your research:

    50 States, 50 Landmarks

    50 States, 50 Landmarks

    Top 10 All-American Landmarks

    National Parks Service National Historic Landmarks