• Why Job Shadow?

    A job shadow is a structured career exploration activity where a student follows an employee at their workplace to learn more about a particular occupation or industry.  The purpose of job shadowing is to help students explore a range of career options.  For this to be a meaningful experience, a student should shadow someone who works in a career that is of potential interest to that student.

    Note:  Students who have no idea what career they would like to explore should refer to their results of the personality survey “Do What You Are” in Naviance.  The report from that survey includes a list of careers and majors that may be worth exploring based on the student’s self-reported interests.

    The employee who is hosting the student is called a site mentor.  The student experiences a one-on-one interaction with the site mentor during the job shadow day where they have the opportunity to observe work activities and gain valuable information about their potential career path.

    Job shadowing helps students accomplish the following goals:

    • Gain information about possible future career interests
    • Observe the daily routine of their site mentor
    • Observe the system of the mentor’s company or business
    • Gain insight on the academic, technical and personal skills required by a particular occupation
    • Gain an understanding of the connection between school and work
    • Gain information to assist students in goal setting and education planning.

    You are responsible for contacting a potential job shadow site and arranging your job shadow experience.  Junior Job Shadow Day is May 20, 2020

    Job Shadow Timeline

            Job Shadow Day – May 20, 2020

    • Thank you letter and Student reflection – May 29, 2020

    If you need assistance, ideas, or possible job shadow sites, please contact your school counselor.