Yasmine, a McCarthy Middle School student, and Margot, a Parker Middle School student, were two of 10 finalists chosen to present their projects. Yasmine’s project focused on breast cancer awareness and resources and Margot focused on saving kittens and animal welfare.

This campaign gave children ages 7-12 the chance to put their coding skills to work to help area nonprofit organizations with a website, game or mobile application. Last summer, Code Wiz students learned how to create their own mobile applications, and finalists were chosen to compete in “Code for a Cause” in late September. The finalists researched how to use coding to solve a problem for social good, and then presented their projects to the audience, who then voted on which project touched them the most. The project topics ranged from anti-bullying, cancer awareness, animal rescue, pollution control and ocean protection using different coding platforms and languages, assisted by Code Wiz staff.

For information: Ruth Agbaji, ruth@thecodewiz.com, 978-496-1053; http://thecodewiz.com