• Our mission is to cultivate inspired, creative, and well-rounded lifelong learners who possess the integrity and self-direction necessary to be contributing community members.
    The Chelmsford Public Schools provide all students with multiple pathways to optimize their own potential for academic excellence, leadership, and social and emotional wellness. Teachers work from a rigorous curriculum that is aligned with state standards incorporating the common core, and they use multiple forms of data that informs innovative approaches to teaching. Student success is anchored in the high expectations of teachers who are part of a professional, collaborative culture that demands a continuous focus on instructional improvement. Every student feels safe, cared for, and appropriately challenged and supported in schools that are fully staffed and technologically integrated. Student successes are celebrated within and across schools as well as throughout the broader community. Parents and the community are connected to the daily life of Chelmsford schools through consistent, multidirectional and multi-modal communication, which builds external support for and pride in the district, schools, teachers, and students. As a result of high quality teaching, meaningful partnerships, and well-resourced schools, students contribute to the Chelmsford community as self-directed, creative, and inspired learners who are ready to tackle contemporary issues.