• The goal of the Science Department at Chelmsford High School is to promote and engage all students in the Science and Engineering practices through hands-on, community-based, and practical applications to prepare for the rigors of post-secondary academics and professional careers.

    All core courses and levels in the Life and Physical Science provide core foundations for College-Level coursework.  Advanced Placement (AP) offerings include AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics 1, and AP Physics C Mechanics.  Unique elective offerings, including developing pathways in Architecture, Construction Management, Dual Enrollment options in Biotechnology and Chemistry, provide students with a wide range of challenges and opportunities to apply their problem solving skills and explore possible career options after Chelmsford High School.

    Members of the department combine for almost 200 years of classroom experience.  They have sound knowledge of the subject areas they teach, activities to engage students with inclusive practices, a genuine desire to continue learning, and immerse themselves in Professional Development to improve their pedagogical skills.  Outside of the classroom, our department is active in various building-based clubs, activities, and athletic teams, providing opportunities to further develop well-rounded students. The Chelmsford High School Science Department works to challenge each student to achieve their best.

    The Science Department offers coursework at different academic levels. Specific placement information is listed for each course below.  All AP courses are designed, audited and aligned with College Board and may require summer work. Honors courses are by teacher recommendation only.  The recommendation is based upon performance across Science and Mathematics as the courses are designed to fit the rigor of enrolling in a subsequent AP or college level science course.  All other courses are listed as College Preparatory (CP).  Students must complete 30 credits of lab-based science courses in order to graduate, and all courses meeting the Lab-based criteria are listed with the course description.  Full placement criteria and NCAA designation is also presented through our Science Program of Studies, which will be hyperlinked here in January of 2020.  For staff information and classes we offer, and summer work information, please see below


    Summer Work Information for AP Courses

Syllabi and Pacing Guides