• High School Social Sciences Curriculum


    Updated curriculum documents are under review and will be posted in the coming months. Should you have questions about the curriculum documents, please contact Social Science Department Coordinator Stephanie Quinn at quinns@chelmsford.k12.ma.us or 978-251-5111 ext. 5520. 


    Core/Required Course work

    Grade 9: Modern World History

    Students  examine how modern world history, beginning with the late 18th century, has been shaped by the past, how nations and empires are born, rise, interact, and sometimes fall. The standards introduce students to concepts such as colonialism, imperialism, genocide, human rights, and globalization, and the importance of ethical, political, economic, and scientific ideas in shaping nations. 


    Grade 10: United States History I

    Students review the causes of the American Revolution, Constitutional principles, and events of the early Republic. They examine the causes and consequences of the Civil War, industrialization, immigration, the role of the United States in World War I, and the early 20th century quest for social justice for all citizens.


    Grade 11: United States History II or Advanced Placement United States History

    Students learn about the fundamentals of economics, the Great Depression and the New Deal, World War II, the Cold War, social, cultural, and technological change, and globalization concluding with a study of social and political movements and international events in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. All Grade 11 students will participate in an Action Civics Project designed to engage students in research, investigate root cause, consider potential solutions and create an action plan for their community. Students will have the option to work in small groups or individually based on topics of their choice.


    Electives Options 

    Grades 9-12: Speech and Debate

    Grades 10-12: Introduction to Criminal Justice (Dual Enrollment optional)

    Grades 11-12: Psychology (Dual Enrollment optional)

    • AP Psychology 
      • Common Law and Trial Procedures I
      • AP Government
      • Sociology (Dual Enrollment optional)
      • Holocaust and Genocide Studies

    Grade 12: International Relations

    • American History Through Film
    • Common Law and Trial Procedures II
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