Digital Coursework

  • This is a picturre of a student with computer and cellphone All courses in the Business Department are digital. Each class meets either in a full computer lab or has a class set of iPads for student use.

    Students work from their X2 portal on teacher assignments and submit their assignments to the teacher digitally.
    Research is done from their desktop for current business news. 
    Business databases for student access contain cases to be reviewed, discussed and shared.
    Students in the capstone class, work on authentic, real world issues which are proposed by local businesses. Students  refine the problem, research current practices, brainstorm solutions and report them out to the business.

Getting Started in X2 Portal for Classwork

  • Business teachers will demonstrate their X2 web page on one of the first class days to inform students how their assignments can be accessed and submitted. Students will have the opportunity to be hands on with the course web page and learn about the links to class resources.
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