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     Gale Database

    University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries A-Z Databases: Open Access

    Directory of Open Access Journals

    ABC-CLIO World Geography  
    ABC-CLIO World History Modern Era  
    ABC-CLIO World History and Medieval Eras  
    ABC-CLIO American History  
    ABC-CLIO World at War  
    ABC-CLIO American Government  
    ABC_CLIO Daily Life  
    African American Experience ABC-CLIO
    ABC CLIO WorlD Religions
     US History in Context
    Gale World History in Context

    Salem Press - History - in school link
    Decades -The twenties, The Thirties, Forties, and Sixties in America,
    Encyclopedia of American Immigration
    Great Events from History - 18th & 19th Centuries,
    Great Lives from History - 18th Century, Inventors & Inventions, Science & Scientists
    Milestone Documents in - African American History, American History, World History, and World Religions
    Salem Press History - at home link (see staff for password)
    Galew Global Issues in Context

    Gale Literature Resource Center
    Salem Press Literature - in school link
    Includes: Critical Surveys of Graphic Novels - History, Theme & Technique, Manga, Independent & Underground Classics, and Heroes & Superheroes
    Salem Press Literature - at home link

    Biography in Context


    Encyclopedia Britannica

    Newspapers and Magazines
    The Boston Globe

    The New York Times


    Gale Health Reference Center Academic

    Salem Health - in school link
    Includes: Addictions & Substance Abuse, Genetics and Inherited Conditions, Magill's Medical Guide, and Psychology & Mental Health
    Salem Health - at home link

    ABC-CLIO Issues
    Global Issues in Context
    Opinion Archives website 
    (not subscription, open access)
    Archives of leading journals of opinion on the progressive and conservative sides!
    Math and Science
    Science in Context
    Gale Environmental Studies and Policy Collection  
    Nursing & Allied Health Colection