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    University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries A-Z Databases: Open Access

    ABC-CLIO World Geography  
    ABC-CLIO World History Modern Era  
    ABC-CLIO World History and Medieval Eras  
    ABC-CLIO American History  
    ABC-CLIO World at War  
    ABC-CLIO American Government  
    ABC_CLIO Daily Life  
    African American Experience ABC-CLIO
    ABC CLIO WorlD Religions
     US History in Context
    Gale World History in Context

    Salem Press - History - in school link
    Decades -The twenties, The Thirties, Forties, and Sixties in America,
    Encyclopedia of American Immigration
    Great Events from History - 18th & 19th Centuries,
    Great Lives from History - 18th Century, Inventors & Inventions, Science & Scientists
    Milestone Documents in - African American History, American History, World History, and World Religions
    Salem Press History - at home link (see staff for password)
    Galew Global Issues in Context

    Gale Literature Resource Center
    Salem Press Literature - in school link
    Includes: Critical Surveys of Graphic Novels - History, Theme & Technique, Manga, Independent & Underground Classics, and Heroes & Superheroes
    Salem Press Literature - at home link

    Biography in Context
    Science in Context
    Gale Environmental Studies and Policy Collection  
    Nursing & Allied Health Colection


    Encyclopedia Britannica

    Newspapers and Magazines
    The Boston Globe

    The New York Times
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    Gale Health Reference Center Academic

    Salem Health - in school link
    Includes: Addictions & Substance Abuse, Genetics and Inherited Conditions, Magill's Medical Guide, and Psychology & Mental Health
    Salem Health - at home link

    ABC-CLIO Issues
    Global Issues in Context
    Opinion Archives website 
    (not subscription, open access)
    Archives of leading journals of opinion on the progressive and conservative sides!

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