Full Day Kindergarten

Steering Committee Charge

    1. Create a feasibility committee inclusive of administration, teachers, and parents.
    2. Review longitudinal studies comparing academic performance of students participating in half-day verses full day kindergarten.
    3. Conduct surveys of parents and staff about this option.
    4. Conduct site visitations to districts that offer full day programs.
    5. Conduct a review of buildings and grounds to accommodate full day Kindergarten.
    6. Conduct an audit of costs associated with full day Kindergarten.

Documents and Files

  • FDK

CMTE Members

  • Marie O’Donnell

    Byam School K Teacher

    Abbie Dufault

    Center School K Teacher

    Sue Mackinnon

    Center School Grade 1 Teacher

    Allison Lacasse

    South Row Specialist

    Jen Burns

    Byam Parent Representative

    Karen Spengler

    Harrington Parent Representative

    Al Thomas

    School Committee Member

    Michael LaCava

    Harrington Principal
    Dr. Molly McMahon
    South Row Principal
    Kara Saranich
    CHIPS Program Director
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