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Lions Pride Toddler Preschool Childcare

  • Registration for the 2019/20 School Year will be live on Tuesday March 5, 2019 at 7 A.M.  


    Registration for the 2019-2020 school year will be completed online only. In the past, families lined up outside to secure their spot.  You will now be able to register from the comfort of your home.  We have VERY limited spots (which are listed on the chart below) and last year our program was full within 1 hour of opening enrollment. 

    At this time you can expedite the process by going to ChelmsfordCommunityEd.com (our MyRec page) and entering your family information.  This is a one-time process that will make enrollment MUCH faster on the 5th.  

    On March 5th you will be required to upload the following forms:

                    -birth certificate


                    -immunization record

                    - emergency medical info form (can be downloaded now from MyRec, completed and saved as a pdf)

                    -any custody forms

                    -$25 registration fee and payment for September

    **additional health forms will be required at a later date. 

    We are letting you know now, so you are able to find these documents, and have them already uploaded on your computer.  Spaces will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  The whole registration must be complete for the system to accept your registration.  We can not save any spots.


    Community Education Building, 170 Dalton Road.

    Office Hours 7:00am - 4:00pm.



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    Full Day Preschool/Pre-K and Toddler Care
    (located in the Community Education Building, 170 Dalton Road, Chelmsford,MA)

    The Lion’s Pride Program offers care for children ranging from 18 months until the child enters kindergarten. We are a small
    program that offers a comfortable family style feeling, while maintaining the standards and security of a school setting. The
    children are split into three classrooms; toddlers, three and four year olds. This allows for specialized curriculum time that is age
    appropriate. Our days are packed with exciting activities and experiences which allow the children to grow and develop at

    their own pace.

    Our classrooms are filled with learning centers and opportunities for the children to soar academically. With our state of the artmaterials we are able to exceed the recommendations offered by the MA Preschool Curriculum Guideline. Children work in small groups with the teacher on a daily basis to achieve maximum development.

    The children in our rooms have separate areas for: creative play, building & construction, circle time, writing, math & science
    exploration, art and music & sensory play. We also include a weekly visit to a computer specialist.


    Our Toddler Classroom has a large space with an abundance of toys to allow our youngest students to play and explore. We provide areas for gross motor, fine motor and art within the classroom. The teachers work with each child to help them reach his/her personal developmental milestones. This classroom is filled with hugs, smiles and laughter.


    Our Preschool Classroom recognizes that three year old children are in a year of transition. They are seeking independence while still dependent on adult reassurance. Special focus on social skills is built in to our plans. We provide daily activities to encourage social development and confidence, while providing safe boundaries. Our preschool curriculum is built around introduction of the alphabet. Each week is packed with exciting activities based on the letter of the week. We use the Lively Letter and Handwriting without Tears curriculum to introduce writing in the same way as the Chelmsford Public Schools.


    The Pre-K Classroom curriculum has been created around week long themes. The teachers are able to look at each unit in depth and provide the maximum learning opportunities. We use the Lively Letter and Handwriting without Tears curriculum to introduce writing in the same way as the Chelmsford Public Schools. We also realize the tremendous value of learning through play. The Pre K classroom offers ample play time and creative activities to reinforce social skills and independence.


    The Wrap-Around Classroom is an integrated, mixed-aged classroom for 3 & 4 year olds. This room provides a different dynamic by combining children of different ages; any student who attends CHIPs and need extended care will join this classroom. Classroom will focus on social skills as well as academic development centered on weekly themes.


     Lion’s Pride follows the Chelmsford Public School calendar. Our hours of operation are 7:00 am until 5:00 pm. Hot lunch and snacks are included. For more information please call 978-251-5151 to set up a tour!


    Tuition is billed in ten equal payments September through June, and is due on the first day of the upcoming month.
    A one-time non-refundable $25 registration fee is due with the first month's payment.

    Curriculum: Our curriculum provides opportunities for your child to develop motor, language and social skills, and to foster independence. We emphasize a positive, safe, secure learning environment to help the children grow during this special stage of their development.

    The children have separate areas for creative play, block area, circle time, writing center, math and science exploration, art, music and sensory play. In addition, we are providing a large room for indoor play on days when weather prevents us from taking the children outside.

    Enrollment: Children must be registered for the full school year, the full professional day, and the teacher workdays before and after school starts/ends.

    There are no adjustments in the monthly tuition if your child is sick or does not attend for another reason. A parent may
    terminate his or her child's participation in the program by giving one month's notice to Chelmsford Community Education, 170 Dalton Road, Chelmsford, MA 01824. Where proper notice is given, parents only will be responsible for paying services
    actually rendered to their child. The monthly fee will be pro-rated to the time that the child participated in the program.

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