• Welcome to the Business Department page for the Chelmsford Public Schools. We believe a strong foundation in Business skills empower all our students to succeed in their future careers since all organizations use these skills to function daily. The Accounting course is an excellent introduction to handling the finances of business while the Personal Financial Literacy course raises student awareness of finance topics affecting students' daily lives now and throughout their lives. Students learn topics such as credit cards, student loans, financing a car, saving for retirement, insurance, investing in the stock market and budgeting which empowers students to be in control of their own finances successfully.


    The Marketing course, the Retail Marketing Management course, and Retail Internship teach how to create products, market them, produce them and give students the opportunity to work in the Lions Locker School Store. 


    Most CHS Business courses qualify students to be on the DECA team, compete regionally and nationally on all business topic areas. 


    As a bonus, the following courses have Dual Enrollment opportunities with Middlesex Community College so students can earn college credit for minimum cost while studying in the CHS Business Department. 


    Dual Enrollment Courses:

    • Accounting
    • Marketing
    • Management
    • Business Career Pathways


    Students will thrive in the Business Department and we encourage them to participate in DECA and Lions Locker School Store as they gain valuable skills.


  • CHS Business Department teachers Andy Shupe and Rob Russo offered students the opportunity to choose a career and then using the monthly salary choose from a multitude of basic and discretionary expenses. The student goal was to recognize the magnitude of expenses such as housing, food, transportation, student loans, savings, cell phone and cable/internet bills.  By choosing from basic, medium and premium level of services, students calculated cost of living then determined what discretionary items they could access such as travel, owning a pet etc. Students found the exercise an eye-opening introduction to living expenses when entering their career.

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