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    Darkness to Light’s Stewards of Children online child sexual abuse prevention training.   

    Follow this link to find instructions on how to create a user account, and how to take the online training.

    Or click here to get started right away.
    The training is two hours, contains a mix of survivor stories, expert advice, and practical guidance for prevention of child sexual abuse.  Child sexual abuse is a tough topic.  Some of the survivor stories may affect you in a personal way.  These stories reflect the personal experiences of actual survivors.  These are the experiences children face when they are sexually abused, thus Darkness to Light choose to include them.

    There is a National Resource Sheet available in the resource section of the course with names and numbers of agencies that can help.  

    Someone is available for you to talk about any needs you have through the Darkness to Light helpline at 1-866-FOR-LIGHT (1-866-367-5444).

    Thank you for your commitment to child sexual abuse prevention.