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  • Project 300- Job Well Done!

    I would like to thank the McCarthy & the entire Chelmsford Community for your support of Project 300.  This year's initial total is 23,627 food items!  Incredible work.  Congratulations to Mrs. Hill's homeroom who brought in the most items for the second year in a row!  We expect to be highlighted in a piece on NBC Boston 10 to be aired the week of November 25th.

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  • Positive Recognition Programs

     We wanted to take this opportunity to share information regarding our positive recognition programs.  This year we have continued to tweak these programs at McCarthy.  Here is a description of our positive recognition programs:

    1. Student of the Month- Each team and specialist area choose a student of the month.  Teams/teachers will recognize students who display consistent good decision-making, kindness, strong work effort and respect to all.  In other words, these students will live up to our behavioral expectation every day.  At the end of the month, the students will be recognized at a celebration lunch and receive a certificate. Students recognized as a team Student of the month are also given a homework pass for one subject for one evening (projects not included).
    1. Raffle Recognition- Each teacher has raffle tickets to be given to students (even students who they do not have in class) when they are caught being positive, doing the right thing, going above and beyond our behavioral expectations, etc.  The student will drop the ticket off in their grade level jar in the office.  Monthly, a drawing will be held so that students in each grade win something special.  We will gladly accept any prize donations for this program (gift cards, movie passes, etc.) Examples of behaviors where students may be recognized include, but are not limited to:
      • Helping someone at their locker
      • Organizing something in class without being asked
      • Asking a classmate to join the group was did not have a partner or group
      • Basically, doing a random act of kindness when the opportunity presented itself

    We feel focusing on the good decisions our students are making will have a positive influence on the behavior of the collective group.  We have a group of teachers leading these initiatives. I want to recognize our PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports) Committee for their work on this.   It is so easy to get dragged down discussing and reprimanding students making poor decisions while the students doing the right thing receive much less attention.  The research is showing focusing on the positive behaviors of students can have a positive effect on the behavior of all students.  It is also much more uplifting for the adults as well. 

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  • Students of the Month Winners in Spetember & October 2019

    Congratulations to the following Students of the Month.  We had nice celebrations at lunches!





     Rucha Daphal

    Taylor Romano


     Arnav Gande

    Jillian Capozzi


    Sally Wang Declan Ryan


    Kathryn Bailey Nathan Giduthuri


    Anna Spugnardi

    Huneter Hoffman


    Lillian Rogers Sophie Bentley


    Kate Cormier Beckett Holden


    Sarah Bartos Joshua King


    Moises Zapata-Guerrero

    Megan Anstiss

    Roberto Dickenson

    Koliyanei Geng-Ty


    Mateo Arienti

    Zoey Mascato

    Brandon Whitten

    Alice Spiller


    Allyson Adams George Vosnakis


    Maria Kesabyan Garima Lalwani


    Parachi Bhavsar  Oviya Inian

    Grade 5 Specialist Area Awards

    Courtney Sorbet

    Grace Lever

    Caroline Treat

    Brady Burnham

    Josie MacPhee

    Katelyn Scomis

    Kiera Durkin

    Aarshia Bhattacharyya

    Jessica Miller

    Logan Schelin

    Jane Nute

    Lexi Kelepouris

    Shane Kangethe

    Rewa Vemparala

    Aditya Bura

    Kathryn Bailey

    Aurora Fultz

    Aiden Moir

    Grade 6 Specialist Area Awards

    Juliana Ramirez

    Reese Hughes

    Paige Duby

    Ryan Higgns

    Catherine Craig

    Kennedy Apostolou

    Samhitha Pai

    Danny Tseng

    Jack St. Peter

     Lisa Shagoury

    Ryan Gomes

    Tiffany Vu

    Cassie Borowick

    Ben Poirier

    Evangeline Hutchinson

    Miles Redding Cooper

    Giada Langford

    Matt Foley

    Zac Rau

    Grade 7 Specialist Area Awards

    Caroline Pitts

    Azam Wadood

    Spenser Forgan

    Joe Evans

    Skyla Robson

    Megan Anstiss

    Matt Sliman

    John Kivlan

    Meghan Anstiss

    Charles Brennan

    Tyler Coleman

    Emma Kelly

    Sophia Miranda

    Yanni Kalogerakos

    Dalim Gadiri

    Allie Kenney

    Grade 8 Specialist Area Awards

    Aurora Ferreira

    Marcus Larkin

    Tarun Eswar

    Lyla Kiloski

    Ben O'Brien

    Samuel Valmy

    Stella Lamson

    Tyler Cody

    Christina Miller

    Allyse Miller

    Nick Vosnakis

    Eshal Hussain

    Tarun Eswar

    Aiden Gilmore


    Raffle Recognition Winners

    Grade 5

    Jake Pisanwarakul

    Jude Alodeh

    Amy Gitau

    Grade 6

    Bella Sampson

    Brooke Cannata

    Teegan Toto

    Grade 7

    Amber King

    Isabella DeMaria

    Sam Rodriguez

    Grade 8

    Jassi Dukes

    Nora Bailey

    Lyla Kiloski



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  • 2019-20 Activities Information

    Information for the 2019-20 Activities being offered can be found on the Activities & Clubs tab in the Quick Links Section or by clicking HERE.


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  • First Key to Success in Middle School: Being Present!

    Attendance is critical for success for all students.  Please click HERE see the letter and information from District Attorney Marion Ryan regarding attendance. Students gain much information and make sense of the material presented through the activities and discussions that take place in the classroom.  When a student is absent, sure the work can be given and made up, but the richness of the discussions and activities cannot be replicated.  Often that is when students make the connections that helps them truly understand what they are learning as well as give them the ability to apply what they are learning.  Being at school on time daily is critical as well.  In all grade levels academic instruction begins immediately after homeroom in the morning.  However, being in HR on time (8:19) allows student the time they need to organize themselves and their materials for the morning’s lessons.  If we can assist in any way helping to have your child present and ready for learning, we are happy to help.  

    If your child will be home from school, please call us at 251-5122 and select option 1 or email us at to report your child absent.  Right now the system is set up in this way:  If you do not call in, our office will issue a ConnectEd automatic message to the families of all absent students whose parent has not called in.  It will be a generic message indicating that your child is absent and to please call back or send in a note the next day.  The last part of the message urges you to contact the school immediately if you believe our call to be an error.  The reality is that, in a school this size, sometimes mistakes are made.

    Please contact your child’s guidance counselor if you have any overarching concerns whether it is attendance related or not.  Specific class/assignment related questions or concerns should be directed to the particular teacher involved.  Our counselor assignments are as follows:

    • Mrs. Charig: Grade 8 & Teams 5-2 & 5-3
    • Mrs. Seero: Grade 6 & Team 5-4
    • Mrs. Vining: Grade 7 & Team 5-1


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    I wanted to reach out to the whole community to remind you of some of our standard procedures.

    DROP OFF FOR STUDENTS MEETING WITH A TEACHER OR ATTENDING A MORNING CLUB: Students should not arrive to school before 8am unless they have a prearranged meeting with a teacher or are attending a club.  Those students arriving before 8am must enter through the front door any time after 7:30 and sign in at the main office unless the club has an alternate sign in procedure. 

    REGULAR MORNING DROP OFF: This still occurs on the police station side of the school.  The side doors open at 8am.  Students go directly to the Lobby/Lecture Hall where there is supervision until HR begins at 8:10.  Students should exit the vehicle ASAP directly onto the sidewalk.  They should not wait until they are at the door.  Multiple cars should be able to allow students to dismount simultaneously. Once buses are clear from the front, we begin sending cars to the front door as well to alleviate congestion.  Students should not be waiting to exit right at the door.  That slows the process down.  We want to makes sure students get to HR on time (8:19).

    AFTER SCHOOL PICK-UP (2:40): Pick-ups at the end of the school day (2:40) are in the parking lot near the tennis courts/football field.  Please note that busses block the driveway next to the school next to the police station during dismissal.  If you are arriving close to or after 2:30, you will probably have to enter the pick-up area using the entrance on Old Westford Road.  For children's safety, please back into a parking spot before the dismissal time as it is much safer pulling forward out of a parking spot once school is dismissed.  Thanks for keeping our children safe.

    PICK UP AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES (activities will begin early October):  Pick-up after activities (3:45) is different from pick-up immediately at the end of the day (2:40). If you are picking up your child after activities, the designated pick-up area is near the cafeteria on the School Administration side of the building.  Our late buses come to the front of the school and block the driveway.  Please remember, you cannot pass a bus with flashing lights even when it is in our parking lot/driveway.

    DISMISSALS: Please try to remember to send in a note with your child when you know your child will need to be dismissed.  Please try to avoid dismissals during recess.  This is to help you avoid a possibly lengthy wait as we would have to radio out to the recess aides to locate your child who then has to go to their locker/class.  Often I know dismissals are for appointments and we would hate to see you potentially be late.  Therefore, err on the side of caution and dismiss before the following recess times:

    • Grade 5 (12:40-1:00)
    • Grade 6 (12:05-12:25)

    Thanks for helping us keep children safe and get them to HR & important appointments on time.

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