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  • Our goal is to help make our facilities accessible and affordable year round for public and community activities. Before and after school and throughout the weekends, our facilities are available for rental. Private and public organizations, businesses, and individuals are all welcome to use these facilities for their meetings and activities. Let us help plan your next event.

    We have indoor rentals, outdoor field rentals including new synthetic turf fields and two performing arts facilities. Please explore the site to learn more about facilities rentals in the Chelmsford Public Schools.

Did you know that you can reserve our facilities online?

  • How to Apply: Please read these instructions before you begin.


    You will use the link below these instructions to navigate to our ChelmsfordFACILITIES Website:  At this site, follow these instructions:


    • Designate the CORRECT MONTH and the CORRECT BUILDING for your viewing or requesting purposes.
    • Click on VIEW & REQUEST in the calendar block of the day desired. If multiple days are being requested, select the start date of your series.
    • The appropriate REGISTRATION FORM will display. Fill in the form.  Answer all the questions,
      • Note: If your situation requires “multiple dates” be sure to designate this with the appropriate button. Additional dates are designated after the application contents are verified correct. 
    • When the form is completed, click CREATE APPLICATION.
    • VERIFY the contents of your application as correct. If additional dates were stipulated, you will be prompted to add them here.  Select dates, click ADD DATES and finally COMPLETE.  Your application has been created.   
    • A VERIFICATION email will be sent to you signifying that your application has been received.
    • The AUTOMATED APPROVAL PROCESS will be initiated collecting approvals from all the required
    • If your application is approved by all administrators, you will receive an approval notification email which includes your PERMIT and INVOICE for your use of the facility.
    • If our application is denied by any of the administrators, you will receive a denial notification email which will include the reasons for denial.


    Do not advertise your events until your FINAL APPROVAL is received.


    ChelmsfordFACILITIES Website

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Application and Procedures

  • The Chelmsford School Committee allows the rental of school facilities by responsible and properly organized groups and organizations for worthwhile educational, recreational, social and cultural purposes. For all non-school functions please submit a "Use of Facilities" application and an insurance binder to: Jane Gennaro at: gennarojm@chelmsford.k12.ma.us or call with any questions: (978) 251-5100, ext. 6901. Facilities application and other documents can be found below.