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CHS takes PRIDE in National Merit Scholarship Finalists.

For this month, we take PRIDE in our National Merit Scholarship Finalists.  Of nearly 1.5 million participants in the 2013 PSAT, 50,000 students qualify for recognition based on their performance.  About 15,000 of these students nation-wide are identified as Semifinalists.  Each of our 5 semifinalists was officially awarded a finalist commendation.  This is our largest number of semifinalists in the past three years.  Since a number of these winners were from Hawthorne House, we wanted to include the support staff in Hawthorne House who supported these students throughout the process.   
From Left:  Christine Lima, Guidance Counselor, Dean Josh Blagg, Irena Manukian, Jennifer Sohn, Evan Smith, Edgardo Carillo-Sanchez, Tammy Leary, Guidance Counselor.  Our other finalist recipient, Erin Phillips, was not available the day we did the picture.