Central Administration

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Dr. Linda Hirsch @Dr_Hirsch
Mr. Brian Curley
Director of Facility Services
E-Mail: curleyb@chelmsford.k12.ma.us
Ms. Joanna Johnson-Collins
Director of Business & Finance
E-Mail: johnsoncollinsj@chelmsford.k12.ma.us
Dr. Cheryl Kirkpatrick
Director of Personnel & Professional Learning
E-Mail: kirkpatrickc@chelmsford.k12.ma.us
Ms. Jodie Luksha
Director of Communications & Media
E-Mail: lukshaj@chelmsford.k12.ma.us
Ms. Amy Reese
Director of Student Support Services
E-Mail: reesea@chelmsford.k12.ma.us
Mr. William Silver
Director of Information, Communication & Technology Services
E-Mail: silverb@chelmsford.k12.ma.us