February Website

South Row Elementary School February Announcements

 Congratulations to the student artwork that will be displayed at the Boston Transportation Building in March, for Youth Art Month.  This is an annual STATEWIDE show put on by the Mass Association of Art Educators (MAEA) Congratulations to our South Row students whose art will be displayed!

  • K- Kora Ayres
  • 1- Isaac Wiebe
  • 2 - Jacquelyn Guo
  • 3- Jolina Gomes
  • 3-  Maddie Gregory
  • 4 - Nora Williamson  

Science Fair

The 2019 South Row Science Fair. This year’s event will take place on Wednesday February 27th, 2019 from 6:30-8:00pm

CLICK HERE For the “Science Fair Guidelines” to help you start thinking about a project.

To register for the science fair, please follow this link:  https://goo.gl/forms/CO6eUSbIu6w2tYZ12

Parent volunteers for set up and clean up are encouraged to sign up on this same google registration. Thank you in advance!


International Festival Information

The fourth annual South Row International Festival will take place on Saturday April 6th, 2019 from 1-3pm. This is a fun and enriching event intended to celebrate South Row's cultural diversity and allow children to learn about other traditions and cultures. The event will consist of three major areas: Student display boards, Parent-led Interactive Stations, and Performances. All students attending the International Festival will be given a passport to collect stickers of flags from each country represented by a Student Display Board or an Interactive Station. We are looking for support on the following:


Performances: If you know of a group who would be willing to perform on Saturday April 6th during the event (1-3pm), please contact us. In past years, we had performances such as an Indian dance group, a Chinese dance group, a Lebanese dance group, an Irish dance group, folk dances from around the world, piano performances and some martial arts groups. We can have more than one of the same type of dance group or troop. Please contact Sophy Theam if you have a group interested. sophy.theam@gmail.com


Parent Interactive Stations: Wish list for interactive stations: Teach words in another language, write your name in another language, make a craft, play a game from another country, wear traditional clothing, use an instrument, demonstrate a tradition. We are hoping to get representation from each continent. You do not have to be from a country or continent to run a station. Please contact Melody Suong if you have a station that you and your family can run.  lileepad34@hotmail.com


Student Display Boards:

Students are invited to pick a country and create a tri-fold display project, which will be showcased at the International Festival.  Participating students will be given flag stickers representing their chosen country to be placed on the student passports. Instructions and registration details for Student Display Boards will be published in an upcoming Home Link. Please contact Christina Pagonis with questions. cpagoni@aol.com


Family Photos from Around the World:

We are hoping to create a slideshow during the International Festival featuring photos of family travels around the globe.  Share your travel experiences with us.  Please send pictures of your family trip(s) to be featured in our slideshow.  We prefer that pictures show a landmark or object that has a strong representation of the country you visited. These can also be landmarks here in the United States. We hope that all South Row families will be represented! Information for where to upload your photos will be coming soon.