Welcome to the Reading Department!

Welcome to the Reading Department

The Chelmsford Reading Department's mission is to provide all struggling readers with instruction that is individualized, based on data and research, and universally designed, so they can become proficient readers. We excel at this task because we have highly qualified literacy professionals, in grades K-12, who meet all advanced certifications as reading specialists. To learn more about this spectacular team, click on "Meet the Reading Teachers!" on the left-hand menu.


In addition to our Reading Specialists, all classroom teachers, grades 1-4, teach reading as an integrated approach to literacy. All of our teachers are committed individuals who implement scientifically based best practices to help all Chelmsford students increase their proficiency in both reading and writing. For more about our curriculum in grades 1-4, click on "Essential Course of Study, Grades 1-4" on the left-hand menu.