2015-16 Academic Year in Science

Overview of the 2015-16 Academic Year for Science


As a district, we are working on transitioning to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  We are working on a two to three year transition process as we shift both the content and pedagogy of the new standards.


Grades K-5: A committee was formed last year of teachers, administers, and coaches to develop a plan for implementation of the new standards.  It was decided that we are piloting two NGSS programs this academic year. Not all classes will be involved in the pilot, but throughout the district all grades and schools are involved in some capacity.  The pilots are FOSS kits and Inspire Science.  Both are aligned to the proposed standards.  A decision should be made in the spring as to which program to commit to and an implementation plan will be determined.


Grades 6 – 8: Teachers worked last year and this summer to develop and consistent scope and sequence for each grade level that addresses the Next Generation Science Standards.  A partial implementation is expected for this academic year and full implementation is expected a year after the standards are finalized.


Grades 9 – 12: The standards and curriculum at the High School level has the least amount of proposed change.  Once the standards are finalized, the department will work to make sure that all of the standards are covered for each of the courses that are offered.