Counseling Lessons Spring Update


At Center School our K-2 students have continued learning social skills through a curriculum called Social Thinking. Kindergarten classes have been learning about “following the group plan” and how to work together cooperatively as well as what it looks like to have “our bodies and brains in the group”. In Guidance lessons we have read and discussed the books on these topics as part of the “Incredible Flexible You” series.  Below is an illustration of a few of the the Incredible Flexible Books mentioned above!

Social thinking book series


In grades 1 the students are continuing to learn how to use their social smarts to learn about “personal space” and increase students’ awareness of how we move our bodies to share space and work around others respectfully in a range of situations. We read and discussed the book, “Personal Space Camp” by Julia Cook (below) and role played some of the personal space expectations from the book. 


Personal space Camp book


Our grade 2 students have been learning about social skills on how and when to speak up without interrupting others or blurting out in class. We read and discussed the book, “My Mouth is a Volcano”, by Julia Cook. We role played the expected behaviors illustrated at “space camp” in the book below.


My Mouth is a Volcano book


In grade 3 and 4 classrooms, students have been learning about differences between tattling and reporting. We have read and discussed the book, “A bad case of Tattle Tongue”, by Julia Cook (below).   In each class we played games to determine if a range of situations would be considered reporting or tattling. This activity sparked many lively discussions as we looked at the nuances that might be considered in these situations!

Tattle Tongue book


Thank you for supporting your child’s social and emotional health!

Best wishes,

Catherine Lallas, Center School Counselor